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artiefufkin883 years ago You TOTALLY don't need drugs to be a hippie! But they sure help cindileee3 years ago I AM THAT HIPPIE GIRL! tamtammontreal4 years ago Great video, Thanks! delaney davey5 years ago Be a punk hippy dippy, peace love Maggie Hurst3 years ago Way song is this FanOfJanis3 years agoin reply to chutethebull68 @chutethebull68 - More jails! More cops! More money! More power! Praise the lord and pass the ammunition! Hate anybody that's not like you! Neoconservative Power! Change the laws to screw the working people! Money-power-clout! Cop-soldier-troop! Use up the world to make corporate profits! Yay!!! Melinda Stevenson2 years ago I'm a hippie girl....Greetings from San Francisco! Kevin Gomez4 years ago Get your knowledge, take your mind on a wild journey. Free yourself. Live to live, not live to work. PEACE \/ Chris Walling4 years ago Hippie girls was sooo HOT!! :D damn Rawnesss4 years ago Love the reference to the ''Blue Bus'' 2012ageoflight .1 year ago This is amazing song . I love Hippie Girls . I spent some time with them . Smoked Pot and the rest till I had my 6th overdose . Im still Alive bitches , still Alive . What song is it please ??? TX vinnyhoags4 years ago Hippy chicks know how to please a man. And we know how to please them. Far out. FanOfJanis3 years agoin reply to inkey2 @inkey2 - Totally agree with you. That was my experience also. True hippies (I'd say those who detested the greed, domination and violence which characterized the mainstream society) were actually quite rare. They generally were very mellow, nice people truly seeking a better world. Agree with you 100%. Peace ... FoJ HiPpPiEcHiKcKiE5 years agoin reply to Charlemaim Because whether you are willing to really give it deep thought or not this is where all of that came from. Bealtes to the Doors to Metallica to Korn is just a HOP SKIP AND A JUMP!! delaney davey5 years ago i wonder soldier3124 years ago :D nice ewilanna2 years agoin reply to Rose D'Orazio @MermaidPrincess9 je connais mark Hamilton l'interpr?te et compositeur allez voir sur son myspace il a des titres excellent,on accroche de suite,je l'ai d?couvert moi-m?me avec Hippie Girl.Peace,Love and Happiness rustywon2 years ago great song AmishaFR1 year agoin reply to M Graf much love brother,and hippie boy for a girl too!!! who5 years agoin reply to MuradAliBhatti awesome, sustainable living is where it's at! Chuck Trevino4 years ago let me tell you kids, grandma was a freak Ix Nu4 years ago Bueno eh! Dominik19Z3 years agoin reply to youyouyouwho @youyouyouwho So true ! Great song, here, PEACE- live the Spirit, man ! cindileee3 years ago I AM THAT HIPPIE GIRL! It never goes away still like to sit in fields and watch clouds roll around in the grass take risks and be cool wearing cowboy boots ~just have to water the flowers a little more :) PEACE BunnyGoreCute4 years ago 1:43 George Harrison and Pattie Boyd?? beastyplayer122 years ago i cliked this cuz there was a picture of a naked girl on the link OldTimeRockRoll19694 years agoin reply to countercultureaustin Hey you were in Austin in 74? Click my user name man...Know Moses? OrpheusIsThe12 years agoin reply to communism100 @communism100 No one but your cousin cased his death by drugs. bohemianh3 years ago these are those would brought you todays world thank them, by ltting them rot in old folks homes while we are stuck with trillions in debt 1rscott3 years ago America the beautiful , 30yrs later, hate, racism ,separatist , greed and war ! I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for taking my love and understanding and using it agenst me to destroy the world, Thanx : } really cool man ! tutok3754 years ago who sings this and is the song called hippie girl or what? thanks i really like the song robertelee74 years agoin reply to HippieKillingMonster Don't worry, they'll kill themselves with the stuff they've been smoking for the past 40 years. grannynara3 years agoin reply to atfatw @atfatw I don't remember any specific area at the time...for awhile I lived across the street from the University and there were alot of hippies in that area, also we all hung out alot in Roosevelt Park, and Old Town. I later found out that my apartment was one of the main "crash" pads in town..LOL..the other one was called the "Stone House..." if my memory serves me right, which it doesn't usually. kror235 years agoin reply to chevick id like to bask in the beauty of the animals nd the entire cosmos, y kill our brothers nd sisters of the earth. fairwell starchild Boccatius3 years ago Hippies and VW-Bus are so Funny. who5 years agoin reply to TeamVirility maybe you were there, and that is why you miss it. piemouth14 years ago I've always had a somewhat soft spot for hippie girls. And i know the hippie girl consciousness. She would have appreciated the gesture of appreciation here -- but she would have found the succession of pictures here to be way too rapid. Whether or not hippie girl is stoned, she always wants to be centered. The quick fire of pictures in this video is meant for, not to mention promotes, attention deficit spastic brain. But hippie chick just wants to chill. jesikaking4 years ago whats the song in this video called?! kawliga554 years ago boston rocker, i hear ya, if the 51 is ur year, me toooooo! PEACE brudda caneycreekfreak2 years ago Hippies never die, thet just go up in smoke! Aaron Luna3 years agoin reply to cindileee wow ahahaha Mark McCaffer2 years ago im on fb under mark mccaffer onemilliongardens4 years agoin reply to Stonefreetx yeah, maybe not in your world... they are out being free in the universe Charlemaim5 years ago I prefer a straitedge lifestyle. And Melodic Black metal. >.> So... Why did I click this link? Shasta Blasta5 years ago Make peace not war, drop acid not bombs mykmmc3 years ago the hippies were right SirHippyVonDippy4 years agoin reply to MicrophoneAssasin420 you are a real bummer man.why dont you NOT come to any of my groovy just make me want to puke with your negative vibes man. you are not holding a yellow daisy. pig edshift3 years ago I like it. :-) pwavan5 years ago Pleas whitch band is it? HippieJimi4 years agoin reply to Eric Karabinos @sil3ntxsniper Dude....a fag?....Me...I'm married 31 years,....I'm far from gay... Aezt12454 years ago A Hippy need: -a Joint -a Gutare xD foxxykitten74 years ago I would love to know who did this song! countercultureaustin4 years agoin reply to Jazzycat47 Take me back to the Dillo, the Vulcan, or Mother Earth. Austin was such a magical place 67-74. jakefortwice5 years ago these bitches are all ancient saggy titted burnouts now. i want the where are they now vid. voodookook5 years ago This is Electrobuddha...I believe???? Click on More from: for some other songs. Great talent from Glasgow. It is a fun song!!!!!!!!! morebullshi4 years ago Your still on the hook. You ain't wiggling off that easy. Hippie, hippy or however anyone wants to spell it was KILLED by Abbie and the other diggers that started it. Read the Wiki about it... This fullabullshit site won't let me post you a link. Let it die... freqazoidiac4 years agoin reply to jgraglan and can you pick out 20 'straight' baby boomers at age 60, out of 100, that ARE not gross also? Seems like a skewed observation. jgraglan4 years ago i know some of the original hippie girls. pretty gross at 60. sorry. TheMullerscoaster4 years ago Dont hate on hippies. If everyone was a hippie the world would be a much better place.. I was riding my bike to the beach, oops forgot my helmet, cop pulls me over - i get done for 'bicycle offence' - i mean really, did i hurt anyone... the law does not have a heart.. $56 fine just for going to the beach. Has the world lost its mind. gilgamesh19624 years agoin reply to capratube Although I was young at that time, I used to love hanging out with some hippie friends that lived next to us in Anaheim, just listen to music. they never tried to "push" drugs or their lifestyle on me, and to this day I have never even tried any drugs. in a way I guess I am a hippie at heart in the sense that, live your own life the way you want, and let others do the same. lionellogan3 years agoin reply to gilgamesh1962 @gilgamesh1962 You don't need drugs to be one :) TheFloydsta3 years ago 10 SECONDS IN DAM THAT FOOL LOOKS FRYED! capitalcontested3 years agoin reply to youyouyouwho @youyouyouwho *yawn*. you know simply saying something with conviction doesn't make it true, right? You can pick out little tidbits of what your deal hippie is, but it's not a remotley true reflection of the movement or even an accurate account of some of its defining members. there are always revisionist who want to go back and talk abou what the "real" blablabla: communist, christians, fascist, americans etc. represent when and where. but, it doesn't change the facts. marysoul995 years ago oooooooooookkkkkkaaaaaaaaaayyy........ DemonGod205 years ago Hippies Chicks have been replaced by Emo Chicks :P OrpheusIsThe12 years agoin reply to inkey2 @inkey2 Then why watch them??? redenajean5 years ago Great video! st88f882 years ago this song is amazing, do you think you could post the lyrics? jarrett11235 years ago i knew it........damn EMOS!!!! OrpheusIsThe12 years agoin reply to morebullshi @morebullshi You are acting like such a loser, just because someone else doesn't agree with you because they are telling the truth you have to get abusive towards them. No I didn't know him personally And Abbie never started it like I said he was a wanker By the same reasoning who the hell are you to comment on him anyway sad that you get your history from wiki Try reading Ringolevio the truth behind the REAL diggers. and what really went down not some second rate site like wiki Did you know him Bramendor4 years agoin reply to TheSkootertrash @TheSkootertrash I am sorry that happend too you. My dad was drafted into the army during Vietnam. He didnt want to go but did. He told me when he got back that the army made him change out of uniform so he would not be harmed by peace loving hippies. It is a sad state when you cant wear the nation's uniform when you are in the nation. twitchman274 years ago can anyone tell me what the symbol at 1:07 is? very intriguing M Dayz4 years agoin reply to atfatw atfatw - I don't know if you "were there", but I was a real long hair acid dropping pot smoking hippie, and the hippie girls I knew were wonderful and loving and caring and sweet... inkey23 years agoin reply to FanOfJanis @FanOfJanis from my experience back then, very few people were actually real hippies. Most of it was surburbian kids emulating their rock and role idols; the hippy look, using a few hippy catch phrases and doing some acid and pot. The very few "real hippies" i did know were real nice mellow people cherb19825 years ago Hot girls, cool Busses, free drugs an amazing music, this must be a great time, why I?m to young, f... PhuckHue24 years ago when I see a hippie girl I go nuts. they have real bush luv2bud4 years agoin reply to MicrophoneAssasin420 Talk about buzzkill, dude. That's just so, like, not natural at all. Y'know? grannynara3 years ago I was hippying around in the late 60's, mostly in Albuquerque and Hawaii. I know this..I never wore any of those clothes...I didn't have hardly any..LOL....I did have a tyedye bikini I wore everywhere, and an old t-shirt with lots of cool beading on the back of it. I also carried a flute and played it. I was homeless, and survived on chocolate milk, rice and eggs, and oatmeal. I thumbed it everywhere, and sat on the beaches on Maui and meditated for hours (with a little help from Mr. LSD.. moe green4 years agoin reply to BunnyGoreCute yes noob gilgamesh19624 years agoin reply to MuradAliBhatti Money isn't everything, I mean, if the world economy collapses, or we hit peak oil, most people will be going back to self sustaining agriculture. paper money may someday be used in composts piles. in the last few months I have been looking into agroforestry and permaculture techniques. been helping others with land already get some trees started. good luck :) Orazio Campoli5 years agoin reply to BunnyDarkAngel hey hey peace dark angel...why are you so desperate and angry to hear those bands? what the hell has happened to you? Just rewind your soul in harmony youyouyouwho3 years ago @chutethebull68 Please read the other comments I just made. I must need my head examined, given that I like how black people are now allowed to vote and women aren't slaves any more! ;) Do you drink alcohol? That's one of the most dangerous hard drugs there is. Up there with heroin and meth. Hope the death by liver disease doesn't hurt you too much, and please don't beat your wife too hard tonight! I'm pulling your leg because there's not much point reasoning with the unreasonable. ;) PhuckHue24 years agoin reply to HippieKillingMonster are you nuts?! the girl at 0:08 is beyond hot! inkey24 years ago this song has the flavor of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" mishmoshable4 years ago ye ye free love. does east india have relevance to this? i guess i would like a pair of ancle jewelery hippy, indie or dude AmishaFR1 year agoin reply to st88f88 by electrobuudha and you,you have curtismichael143 years ago no one get made at me, but i met 2 hippys of my friends, and were both selfish assholes, all they did was talk rude to me, and when i had a water in my hand, one of them just took it out and started to drink it!, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!, this was at virginia beach, when we went swimming i took my shoes off of course, and one of them got out of the water before me(it wasn't a race) AND HE TOOK MY SHOES AND WENT HOME!, luckely i had my wallet!..IF ALL HYPPYS ARE LIKE THIS...WHAT ASSHOLES!!!, sorry. Major Miracles3 years ago Great video, those hippie girls are hot, but flowerchild is hotter. Check her and Major Miracles, the last of the hippie superheroes on hipnet dot tv, or click my name. eldorado3035 years agoin reply to jpaynecr i am a hippie. you can talk to me. psychedelicinvasion4 years ago Can anybody please tell me the name and artist of this song?! I would assume it may be called "Hippie Girl" but I have not found any results that match the song in this video when I searched for that particular title on the web. Any help with finding this song would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks. elementdude120224 years agoin reply to cultivator23 hahah me too ewilanna2 years ago @Pwillow100 oui c'est bien ELECTROBUDDHA,mark Hamilton est un super compositeur interpr?te,?coutez toutes ses compositions,c'est super,je suis vraiment FAN!!!! st88f883 years ago this is a really melodic and well writtern song, could you post the lyrics please? drsoftee3 years ago Hippies are so funny